as light as a feather

I provide top-quality EN-PL audiovisual, marketing
and video games translations to Polish, European and global clients.
As an English Studies graduate and an experienced translator,
I make English movies, TV shows and games speak flawless Polish.

What can I do for you?

Audiovisual translation

In need of professional subtitles? I translate fiction and documentary films, TV series and corporate movies. In my day-to-day tasks, I make use of professional software, such as EZTitles.
My translations are available on the most popular streaming platforms (Disney+, Viaplay).

Game localization

Want to make your game characters speak flawless Polish? I'm eager to help! I've translated numerous games, from AAA productions to indie projects. Moreover, I'm an active player and a big fan of fantasy books, so I'm familiar with all the wizards, spells and magic.
Say Alohomora to Polish market!

Marketing Translation

Got a presentation to translate? Are you a hotel owner who wants to reach a new audience?
I can help you in these and many other scenarios. I translate leaflets, website content, slogans for advertisement campaigns, puns and all the other materials where you need a translation as light as a feather. Send your files to a language enthusiast with borderless creativity!

...and even more.

I also translate legal and specialised content. To accept such a job, I always need to analyse the text and assess whether I can provide a top-notch translation.
If the text is outside my field of expertise, I will redirect you to my colleagues who are experts in the subject matter.

Why is it worth it?

In the era of content poorly translated by AI, it is worth to stand out with quality. If you want your materials to be error-free, relevant to the target audience and in accessible form, contact me, and I will help you out!

Creativity to the MAX

I go beyond the standards, localise rhymes, and accurately translate jokes and puns, making every translated text as close to the target audience as possible.

Fabulous price

I offer competitive prices and I'm not a VAT payer. This enables me to provide my services 23% cheaper.
Check out the free quote page.

Quality you will love

Marketing and audiovisual content is extremely exposed to the audience. After all, these texts aren't placed inside the drawer, but exhibited in the visible areas. Let me ensure their top quality.

Always on time

Did you know that I deliver 100% of my texts on time?
I know the value of your time.

Numbers speak for themselves

I've got an extensive experience in cooperation with various clients - translation agencies, corporations, private customers, etc.

happy clients
thousands of translated words
years of experience
Reviews and testimonials

My Happy Clients

Dawid provides high-quality translations, always checks the reference material and has an excellent ability to learn through feedback thanks to which he continuously improves his (already very good) translation skills. Communication with him is always pleasant and professional, all projects are delivered on time or even before deadline.
A great freelancer to work with!
Julia Koralewska
Translation Line Manager | RWS Group
Dawid has been cooperating with our agency as a translator since July 2019, translating documents for such bodies as European Commission, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and Ministry of Interior and Administration. He provides high-quality translations that are evaluated by European Commission and receive top ratings.
Grzegorz Majszyk
CEO | Invenire

Highly recommended. Express translation and seamless communication. Services performed at the highest level.

Anna Mazurkiewicz

I am very satisfied. Good communication and rapid translation.

Justyna Jeziorska

Perfect subtitle translation for a feature film. Additionally, Dawid synchronised the subtitles, despite he was not asked to do so.

Mateusz Fic

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