I'm a certified English-Polish Translator with extensive translation, subtitling, and localization experience.

Professional profile

I have enjoyed learning English since my childhood. It has been both my passion and a favourite school subject, so I decided to develop in this field and chose to study English philology, which I completed at SWPS University.

During my studies, I became fascinated by the translator path and decided to follow it. Hundreds of practice hours and thousands of pages translated in my professional career have benefited in the development of skills that allow me to freely and professionally carry out translation tasks within my fields of expertise.

I make a good use mi of advanced CAT tools to create consistent, high-quality translations. I also use Quality Assurance programs and an advanced subtitle creation software EZ Titles. With its assistance, I am able to set timecodes and translate subtitles based on the provided script and video file.

Quick career recap

My career in a nutshell

I never stop to develop and improve my skills. 

Check out the milestones in my professional career.


I started an in-house job at Invenire translation agency, where I translated a ton of documents for such institutions as European Commission, European Parliament, and the Ministry of Interior and Administration.


I decided to set up my own business and work as a freelancer. That's how Wordi was established. At the beginning, I translated marketing and legal content.


I completed a Diuna Games Localization Course and expanded into video game translation. Since then, I have been actively involved in game localization projects, with many localized titles.


I took part in an advanced masterclass for audiovisual translators, deepened my understanding of this field, and learned to use new tools.

My software

Trados Studio

CAT software for advanced translation processing.


Advanced tool that allows to set timecodes and translate subs.


CAT software for advanced translation processing and cloud collaboration.


Professional tool for terminology search.

Wordi Dawid Piotrowski zainteresowania deska SUP

Personal profile

A perfect translator? Someone who is not only specialised in narrow areas, but also has a broad understanding of the surrounding world. I love to expand my horizons by reading a variety of literature and trying new things. I'm into foreign policy, stand-up paddling, and strength sports. I play strategy, RPG, online, MMORPG and action games.

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