What is audiovisual translation?

Audiovisual translation is about translating the text displayed alongside recording and sound - in a rather specific environment. As a result, subtitling for films and TV series is subject to numerous technical constraints, such as a maximum number of characters per second (CPS) or a limited line space (usually around 42 characters per line). All this requires the translator to frequently alter the text, including cutting out wordy structures or introducing generalisations.

What content do I translate?

These are examples of audiovisual content that I translate.


Full-length feature films.

TV series

TV series, including diverse programmes.


Cartoons and programmes for children and younger audience.


Advertising content, including trailers.

Educational films

Training videos, corporate materials and content for educational platforms.


Long and short films and documentary programmes.

Portfolio and examples

My audiovisual translations of films and TV series are available on top streaming platforms such as Disney+, Viaplay, and SkyShowTime.

In my career, I have also translated a bunch of video content for TED non-profit organization.




Frequently Asked Questions
about Audiovisual Translation

I usually translate around 30 minutes of video a day.

Audiovisual translations are settled by 10-minute blocks of video content. For example, if a video has 46 minutes, it consists of 5 blocks.

Files for translation must include a complete script or .srt file and a video footage. If the subtitles already have timestamps, I focus only on translation. Otherwise, it is necessary to add timestamps based on the provided script.

I usually don't accept jobs for AV translation if the script isn't available.

Due to technical limits of audiovisual translation, it is impossible to convey ALL source information. It is estimated that around 30% of information is lost in translation. Of course, there are exceptions. If the narrative is slow, there is space to include more information in the subtitle.

Yes. I translate corporate, advertising and YouTube content.

Currently, I only offer professional subtitles. 

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