What is marketing translation?

Marketing translation means conveying the meaning of the source text in such a way that it is not only correct and in line with the author's intention, but also compelling to the target audience. The translated text must sound natural, be idiomatic and fit in with the company's adopted way of communication. Marketing translation requires both translation and copywriting skills: besides excellent knowledge of the language and culture, a translator must have a way with words to win the attention of potential customers.

Przykład tłumaczenia marketingowego

Check out one of the translations from my portfolio.

To help you kick off your World Cup watch-a-thon, Google has everything you need to keep track of what’s happening on and off the pitch. From Search and News to YouTube, Maps and more, here’s how Google can help enhance your football fan experience this year.
Co powiesz na mundialowy maraton z Google? Miej oko na to, co dzieje się na murawie i poza nią. W tym roku nic cię nie ominie: korzystaj z Wyszukiwarki, czytaj Wiadomości, oglądaj YouTube i przeglądaj Mapy. A to dopiero rozgrzewka. Pozwól Google podkręcić swoje piłkarskie doznania.

The text above is intended to promote the World Cup. Therefore, the English original is full of sports terms referring to football. Note that in the translation, I have abandoned the original form and changed the statement to a question in order to attract the viewer's attention. The use of the typical football term rozgrzewka, which is not present in the original, also made the Polish version sound natural, winking at the football fan. 

Fun fact: here are the versions of this text translated by machine translators (although the sense was conveyed roughly correctly, the style is far from perfect, proving that it is not worth taking shortcuts when it comes to marketing translations) - click: Google, DeepL.

Types of marketing materials

What marketing content do I translate?


Advertising banners, printed and online.


Information brochures.


Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising campaigns and more.


Product or service catalogues, printed and online.

Texts for websites

Marketing texts for sites and website translations.

Blog posts

Posts published on blogs and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Messages with new information sent out to customers by email.


Messages or email templates aimed at customers or leads.


Printed leaflets advertising a company's services or products.


Texts for advertisements, both online and as part of online advertising campaigns.

Promotional texts

Texts promoting the company's products or services.


Catchy advertising slogans created to sound natural to a Polish audience.

Did you know that...?


According to a study by the publisher Harvard Business Review, up to 40% of consumers would never make a purchase on a foreign-language site, and for 56% of those asked, the availability of a product (service) in their language is a more important factor than price when making a purchase. 90% of surveyed people also believe that they prefer to read content in their native language, despite their excellent knowledge of the foreign language.

Frequently Asked Questions
on marketing translations

Marketing translation requires a different approach than the typical word-for-word translation often used when translating instruction manuals, guides, etc.

It is important to create affinity with the brand and a feeling of familiarity. The translation of marketing materials should take into account aspects such as correctly translated jokes and puns, tailored advertising slogans or accurately translated keywords and terms.

Ideally, you should send the text for translation in editable .doc or similar format. However, if you only have a PDF version, you can also send it to me. I will use OCR software to convert it into a product ready for translation (additional service).

The most tangible benefit of quality marketing translation is achieving sales success in the target market. In addition, quality content will increase customer loyalty to your brand, contribute to relationship building and enhance your company's reputation. Your company will gain a competitive advantage against those who publish low-quality translations or use machine translation software incompetently.

Since this is a creative translation, it may take a little longer to complete than in the case of ordinary, uncomplicated texts. Nevertheless, after the analysis of the documents sent for translation, I will inform you of the completion date and meet it no matter what.

If you need to fit your text into a limited space, please let me know during file upload. For example, if a headline needs to be a maximum of 50 characters, I will use my transcreation skills to fit the translated text within this limit.

Transcreation (Transcreation + Creation) is a creative process where a source text is transferred into the target language while preserving its intent, style and emotion. It is a tool often used in marketing translation. Many transcreation solutions can be found in the much-loved and well-known film Shrek, which has achieved such a great success in Polish market thanks to the genius of the translator.

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