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Marketing Translation

Words do matter. The perfect choice of message for the target audience helps to achieve the desired sales goals or create the right style of communication. All this requires native knowledge of the target culture, and that's why I do marketing translation only into Polish.

tłumaczenia marketingowe wordi dawid piotrowski
tłumaczenia audiowizualne wordi dawid piotrowski

Audiovisual translation

Professional subtitles are the real art. There are plenty of icebergs waiting for the translator to run into while navigating these dangerous waters - from preserving the sense of the original message to aesthetically positioning the subtitle in line.

Game Localization

In the case of game translation, we are talking about their localization, namely tailoring the final product to the local market. This complex task requires a deep understanding of the target market and translating all nuanced puns, jokes and cultural references in such a way that a player gets the impression that the game was originally created in their local language.

wordi tłumaczenia lokalizacja gier komputerowych
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Other Translation

I also provide some legal, specialized and general translations. I translate documents such as Terms and Conditions or User Manuals, but the acceptance of such a job depends on the specific field of study.
In my career, I have translated hundreds of pages for the European Commission.


Express services

I provide translations in three modes - standard (up to 3 days),
fast (up to 2 days), and express (up to 24 hours).

Satisfaction guarantee

I guarantee full service satisfaction - I can make complimentary changes to the delivered translation to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for.

Pay in a currency you like

I accept EUR, USD and PLN curriences.

5 years of experience

I have a 5-year experience in various translation projects
- from legal to audiovisual.


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